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Saturday, 31 December 2016


Hi Highbee, how are you doing today?

I  am good my guy, how far?

Highbee Please tell us about yourself briefly.
My names are Ibrahim Temitope,but Highbee is my nickname,i am a graduate of ahmadu Bello university and my Discipline is Agricultural Extension and management.Currently a music producer now

what was growing up like for you?

My ways,being friendly,hard working,treating every entertainers with fair and my pattern of music productions.

How did you get into music production?

Music is what i love most from day one.I got into music productions when i was in school.My Friend taught and initiated me on how to produce.Here i am 2day

Highbee Did you always want to be a producer?

Of course yes,Music is my way of life and had it been i know, instead of Agricultural Extension and Management i would have gone for music, but no institution in the north that have music as a course.But i never regretted being a commercial agriculturist also coz am still doing the business as well.Soon my fans would see 2Hills Empire Farm.

Which producer(s) inspire you?

I have many producers that do inspire me are D tunes,pheelz,Young john and antras

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt so far in the entertainment industry

Highbee: As you know #Ariwo ko ni Entertainment. According to notorious BIG 'This rule is so underrated keep your family,friends and business completely seperated'.Some people ready to ruin your business directly or indirectly.I help my fellow entertainers Where am capable of doing so but i don't joke with my music business coz is my career.I treat people now the way they treated me,dats just the real fact.
Highbee: In entertainments one need to use his brain
Highbee: Entertainments is not a joke,without enough capital one would crash down.view it from aspect of music productions(beat,recording,mixing,mastering),promotions,slamming of shows as well,many people would still want to enter for freeHighbee: Many challenges they there

How do you unwind and relax when you not @work?

I do relax and unwind  my self by playing an adventure games,play station and watching film.Sometimes i do read about Entertainments and latest plug-ins for Music productions

where do u think you could be in the next ten years?

one knows tomorrow but am aiming higher.

Who is your mentor?

Young john and D tunes

Please tell us some of your memorable achievements so far?

2Hills Empire has its own standard recording studio with a modern instruments
2Hills Empire has been expanding towards having a video section
2Hills Empire has different talented artist in different genres of music common in Nigeria and outside country
2Hills artists have been nominated in different awards outside and here in croc-city
My Song OWO(Money)free-style was amongst top 10 in semi-finalist in TXFresh Face 2016.
I was been nominated in MIC nation prestigious award 2016
Lolz The artists i signed officially were 8 in number.And they are always there to give the fans what they want.
Hmmm About music Of now a days.I think artists need the music genres they are compatible with,watch their delivery,Lyrics,Rhymes and their music should always hav a Message.
Hmmm....In Entertainment there must be Music,likewise in music there must be an entertaining aspect coz not all music is all about entertainment,Some music are message and lessons,some are tribute songs to the dead ones which can not correspond with club houses activities at d moment people were catching fun.

Some music are there to entertain.

were you always strictly a producer? Or did you once sing and rap?

It’s always been about the music. Whether I am making music, singing or playing drums. The music aspect of it has always been there. I have once tested out the various things, but producing is definitely my strong point.

How do you relate with your female fans and admirers?

 Generally I am a likeable and understanding person, so with the females I try to understand them and I make them feel comfortable when they are around me, but would always draw lines if need be.

What’s your life philosophy and driving force?
 Life is what you make out of it and honestly God and the fact that I don’t want to fail is my driving force.

what do u have to say as word of advice for the coming up Artiste?

My advise to all upcoming artists is that they should keep there hustle tight,promoting their music, watch their lyrics,delivery and they should be dynamic.

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